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Monday, July 12, 2010

Emily Olsen of Foodzie fame has been so instrumental in helping me grow my company. I had reached out to Foodzie with product samples in January of 2009, just two months after I started my business. After a wonderful tasting, they accepted my products and got them online immediately. Emily had connections to Food Editors and Bloggers across the county which have helped to grow my business exponentially. This past May my Exotic Jam Trio appeared in Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine which is pictured here. It is so exciting to see your products in a magazine! I was so honored and excited at the same time.

During the ins and outs of running the business and the daily demands and decisions, it is so tough sometimes to be grateful for how far you have come and to stop and savor the successes. I know that I am only as good as my lastest press, or my last customer sale. is so important for me to have the faith that another wonderful opportunity is just around the corner and not to let my worries and my fear put a damper on my creativity and willingness to share what I do with others.


  1. Thank you Wendy!! We love having you on Foodzie and hope to continue to help grow your business. :)

  2. Oh Emily, thank you, I didn't even realize that you would see this!!! Thanks for the follow. :) And thanks for your never-ending support.