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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today we labeled jars for Winter Park Farmer's Market

I sat this fine morning and printed and labeled Jalapeno and Banana Peppers for sale at the market. I enjoyed it just a small amount...really I liked it. The bug man came around today and told me a story about how he gets drunk every November and kills deer in Georgia, it was special. After I tore myself away, I took some photos for the blog and the web. Regional Best wants to sell the pickled vegetable line on their site so I have to print up the ingredients list and come up with some enticing descriptions for them.


  1. Nice. That's what we need, drunk deer hunters. I'm just glad they are in Georgia. Maybe you and the bug man should come up with a line of venison jerky. You could call it Drunken Hunter Jerky.

  2. Thanks Danny, I really want to do some Jerky Jam too! They have Bacon Jam, why not Jerky Jam? You crack me up. have the distinction of being my very first follower...bless you. :)

  3. The first and the best! Jerky Jam? If I made that into a sandwich would it be a PB & JJ?

  4. Yes, a PB&JJ sandwich, I shall pair it with Tangerine!