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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nize's Farm...the search for native species begins...

Yesterday I drove to Deland to visit Nize's farm. I love the idea of supporting a local farmer and I had an amazing time taking a tour of her land. She had so many interesting and native species of bushes and trees, I got completely re-inspired all over again. I came away with fresh picked Elderberries, squash blossoms, and lemon verbena. I quickly went to work with the Elderberries and solicited the help of my daughter and her boyfriend after the first 30! The berries were tiny and very labor intensive to get them off the little branches. I selected a recipe from Mes Confitures to make some Elderberry Jelly. I followed the directions...and ....I was so sure of myself (even though it was the first time I had worked with Elderberries), I didn't even do a gel test. And I have fabulous Elderberry Sauce--alas....I was hoping it would gel overnight, but it did not. It will be destined for several of my wonderful customers...I am sure we will see it in a fabulous cupcake icing at the Rapsodic Bakery in the weeks to come.

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